albert postma

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The summer

It has come as no great shock to me that many of my aspirations for the summer months have been diminished or replaced. As the school year began to yawn in anticipation of another summer's rest, my list of things I wished to accomplish during the summer grew. Books to read, instruments to learn, languages to familiarize myself with; for some reason, these things are not getting done.

I like summer. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on the things I've learned over the school year. I read more fiction, but I still dabble in that "other stuff." Just yesterday, I finished reading "The Chronicles of Narnia." Believe it or not, it is a series I had never, until this summer, read even a page.

In the latest issue of The Crown, I compiled a list from some professors regarding what books university students should read. Taking this to heart, I have just begun reading Thomas Hardy based on the advice of Dr. Bowen.

The summer is not all reading, of course. I am working in construction: home building. Everything from footings to framing to insulation to roofs. I am enjoying it greatly and am learning much. I think it is good for the mind to think hard and long in different ways. Thinking about how to frame a house properly so that it all fits together perfectly it quite difficult. I am only beginning to learn as my summer education continues. I find it restful and invigorating for my mind to be challenged in a different area like this.

I hope all your summers are going well.

Robert, mon ami francais, tu es un chien.