albert postma

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Labour Day

The first-year jitters were abundant today, being move in day and all. Joe Groeneveld, who is co-RA-ing with me this year woke up wondering what the day would hold along with me. We didn't have to wait long with the first lad arriving just shy of 9am. From there things moved along quite nicely to the point where everyone was moved in (or should I say, had all their stuff in a heap in their rooms) by 11:30am. Sam and I made a bet on who's dorm would fill up first. He lost. I won. Good job, boys of dorm 7, for winning me that delicious piece of chewing gum.

I am actually impressed with all the guys. I guess as an RA you never really know what your dorm will hold for the year until they all show up and make their presence known. With what I have seen so far, I look forward to the coming semesters to live and learn with the fellow gentlemen of Dorm 7